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What we believe

We believe that whenever you pay good hard-earned money for a hotel, you should be able to expect a clean, modern bed with good support, that gives you the best chance of getting a great sleep.

You know what it’s like when you’re away for holidays or a business trip and the bed is either too hard, too saggy or even worse, riddled with parasites like bed bugs, lice, or ants! Yes I once slept on a hotel bed with ants, urgh!

You get up the next morning feeling tired, maybe stiff and sore, cranky, and really not anywhere near your best for that day of sightseeing you have planned, or that crucial business meeting.

That’s where RateHotelBeds.com comes in – we rate and allow you to rate hotel beds from all around the world. Of course not everyone likes the same type of bed, so we ask people to rate beds on type, firmness, and sleep quality to ensure you can judge for yourself whether or not it is the right bed for you. 

Head to our Hotel Bed Reviews page to see current bed reviews, or Login (or Register) to and add some reviews of your own. Sweet dreams! 

What Our Community Says...

Traveling for work, and there is nothing more annoying than a bad night's sleep in a great hotel. Rate Hotel Beds allows me to match the hotel review to the actual bed. Many sleepless nights saved.
Dort Wilder
I found RateHoteBeds to be a useful resource in helping making accommodation decisions and would recommend for anyone needing to ensure a restful night's sleep.
Drew Green
RateHotelBeds.com - what a great idea! Definitely going to use this very cool tool to ensure a good night's sleep on my next trip.
John Cowdroy Ling
Having suffered from chronic back pain for years and understanding the importance of a good night's sleep on my health and wellbeing. I use Rate Hotel Beds to make an informed decision. Why take the risk?
Clinton Abel

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