Aussies to Enjoy More Flight Options to Travel to the USA.

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Lookout Yankees! Here We Come!

Australians are going to be filling hotel beds in more cities in the USA than ever before.

Yesterday Qantas, Australia’s national flight carrier announced that they will be launching two new routes from Australia to the USA.

But what do these flights mean to Australians? And why do Qantas think they will be so popular.

Up until now, Australians flying to the US mainland had a choice of travelling into Los Angeles California or Dallas Texas. 

The new flights will allow them to fly straight into San Francisco California on the west coast, and Chicago Illinois on the east coast.

Not Everyone Loves Los Angeles.

To understand why these flights are likely to be popular you need go no further than to speak to my wife. 

When my beloved and I were planning our much anticipated trip to the US, as usual I left all the planning and research up to her, she’s always done this type of thing so much better than I. Something to do with details apparently.


Hawaii Was Our Soft Landing

She decided that we would fly with Hawaiian Airlines and start with a few days in Hawaii. Not to catch some rays, but purely because she was almost terrified of negotiating Los Angeles, especially the airport LAX.

Now, I’m really glad that she chose this option, because we had some really beautiful experiences whilst in Hawaii. But it did get me wondering whether or not other Australian’s feel the same way.

Who could argue against having Mai Tais on Waikiki Beach and a Luau in the evening? Certainly not I.

To read my review of our trip to Hawaii clinic here.

Love or Hate landing in LAX? Let us know in the comments below.

Qantas Have Been Listening

So from April 2020 Qantas will add 170,000 seats to their trans Pacific flights. 

Many Australians are likely to take up the offer of flying straight over to the east coast of the USA. From Chicago they can take a short flight or a relaxing train trip to New York City, Washington, and many more exciting destinations. 

Qantas plane


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It seems that with every passing year Australians are getting more and more keen on travelling to the US. 

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