The Beauty Rest Black Mattress
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Technology Aplenty

The BeautyRest Black (TM) claims to have a heap of technology built in.

But what we all really want to know is, “How is the Sleep Quality?”

First the tech: at the heart of the mattress is a unique triple stranded coil system. 

Unlike most coils which are one strand of wire Beautyrest Black coils have 3 strands of wire forming a coil which they claim is much more robust than single strands, thus providing ultimate support for a lot longer than the standard coil. 

Pocket Coils are inside this bed

Pocketed coils also have the added value of minimising the partner disturbance caused by movements of one partner. 

The downside can be that without being tethered to the other coils with a helix, the individual coils will not be as supportive.

They have memory foam pillow top which holds you in place

On the pillow top they use Memory Foam. Memory Foam has that great cocoon-like feeling of conforming to the lumps and curves of your body (plenty of lumps in my case!). 

The downside is that it can be quite hot. BeautyRest claim to have solved this problem with “a new breathable gel technology to the surface designed to help provide an ideal sleep climate.” Sounds good to me! 

Keeping Your Cool

They also have a material called SurfaceCool (TM) Plus Fibre which is an added cooling material near the surface of the bed.

I prefer a medium to firm mattress and the BeautyRest Black have a model that fits that bill. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and supportive this model felt. 

My spine felt like it was being held in a great position whilst the pillow top memory foam certainly provided a lot of comfort. 

I would seriously consider investing in this bed in the near future.

A woman wakes after a perfect sleep. She is facing away from us.

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