Which Mattress Companies Offer a Money back Guarantee?

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Buying a Mattress Can Be a Scary Experience!

I’ve only really ever bought one type of mattress, a conventional spring mattress from Sealy.

I bought two of them because of my back pain and they’ve served me very well.

When it comes to buying mattresses, I don’t know what I really want.

A shadow of a monster is cast over a bed

These Days the Choices in Mattresses is endless.

You’ve got:  conventional spring, pocket springs, memory Foam, Latex, the list goes on. 

Horsehair mattress anyone? Yes they really exist.

So Just How Do We Choose a Mattress?

The only choice we used to have was to lie on a mattress in a shop for about 20 minutes max, and then decide if it was the one to bring home.

Problem is, a mattress which might feel wonderful on your tired body after work, may leave you walking like a pretzel in the morning because your back has had zero support.

Similarly, a nice firm mattress which feels supportive for 20 minutes, might feel like you’re sleeping on the road after a full 8 hours sleep (if you’re getting 8 hours sleep, go you)!

The Big Mattress Companies Had it Easy for Too Long.

A cartoon mattress runs away with fists full of cash.

Once upon a time the top mattress companies had the market sown up.

They had the big marketing dollars and the technology to stay ahead of any smaller players.

Big mark ups and confusing ranges of mattresses ensured that the public believed that they had no other choice.

Then Came the Disruptors! and the Big Guys were Pushed to Raise Their Game.

Mattress in a box happened!

Now there was a cheap alternative to almost mortgaging your house just to get a comfortable mattress.

They Took Away the Risk With Long Sleep Gurantees.

Hallelujah! Now we’ve suddenly got the option of trying a totally different type of mattress.

If we hate it, we send it back! I love this idea!

So now all the other mattress companies have been forced to follow suit.

A woman wakes up on a white mattress looking happy.

Plus it’s meant that many other mattress in a box companies have popped up, giving us plenty of choice.

So without further ado, I present our list of mattress companies that give sleep guarantees, in order of the highest number of nights.

I’ve also included whether they offer free delivery and return, and which countries they deliver to.

List of Mattress Companies That Let You Trial Risk Free For a Minimum of 100 Days

Mattress Company Free Night Trial Delivery Cost Delivering To:
Nectar Sleep 365 Nights! (equal longest in list) Free within Mainland US ($150 extra for ALaska and Hawaii) USA
Brentwood Home 1 Year (365 Nights, equal longest in our list). Free USA
Lazy Bed 125 Nights Free to most areas within Australia Australia
Personal Comfort 120 Nights Free Delivery USA
NovosBed 120 Nights Free to most areas of USA and Canda USA and Canada
Koala Mattress 120 Nights Free Delivery Australia
Ghost Bed 101 Nights Free to Continental States of the USA USA
Puffy 101 Nights Free within Continental USA USA
AmeriSleep 100 Nights Free within Continental USA USA
Bedworks 100 Nights Free in Australia Australia
Ecosa 100 Nights Free in Australia Australia
Simba 100 Nights Free UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium
Leesa 100 Nights Free USA - All States
Lull 100 Nights Free USA
Casper 100 Nights Free UK
Emma Mattress 100 Nights Free UK, Now also in Australia.
Helix 100 Nights Free in USA USA and Canada
Sleeping Duck 100 Nights Free Australia and UK
Noa Sleep 100 Nights Free Australia, HongKong, and Singapore
Eva Mattress 120 Night Sleep Trial Free in Australia Australia
Sherman Mattresses Online 100 Night Sleep Trial Free East Coast of Australia
Sleepy Panda 100 Nights Free Australia Wide
Tontine Bedding Australia 100 Nights Free Australia Wide
Sleep Republic 100 Nights Free Australia Wide
Happy Sleep Mattress 100 Nights Free Australia Wide (East Coast only during Covid-19)
Sommuto Mattresses 100 Mornings (I like the differentiation!) Free Australia Wide
Purple Mattress 100 Nights Free USA
624.com.au 125 Nights Free Australia Wide

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  • dillinger dillinger says:

    Thanks for this article. I didn’t realise so many companies offered trial periods for their mattresses. Its a good idea.

  • Matt Hayter Matt Hayter says:

    Noa Sleep has just been added and deliver to Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore

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