Benefits of Exercise on Sleep Guide Updated for 2019

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What Are The Benefits of Exercise On Sleep?

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Exercise is generally thought to have a positive effect on sleep, but this is not always the case.

So what are the benefits of exercise on sleep? How, when and where should you exercise for best results?

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So, can Exercise Improve Sleep?

Yes, exercise can definitely improve the quality of your sleep. In fact, many experts state that taking regular exercise is a simple lifestyle change which is key to getting better sleep.

However, it’s the timing and the type of exercise that makes the biggest difference in how positively it will affect your sleep.

Exercise is great for the body overall. It improves muscle tone, circulation and all other body systems. Being in top shape physically promotes a good night’s sleep. Exercise is also a great reliever of tension.

A 2008 study pointed to the relaxing benefits of exercise and the fact that this helps to improve sleep.

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Timing is key:

Sometimes your busy schedule will mean the morning is the only time you can exercise. This is still much more beneficial than not exercising at all.

But it will not necessarily improve your sleep. If you eat dinner early, exercising after dinner may work for you – but giving your body at least four hours of cool down time is said to be best.

A vigorous workout in the evening shortly before bed means you are trying to sleep with a raised body temperature. Studies have shown that a cooling body temperature is most conducive to sleep.

In general, mid to late afternoon exercise is ideal:

One great benefit is that it gets you past the sleepy time in the afternoon when taking a nap can ruin your sleep in the evening.

Whereas late afternoon exercise increases your body heat and gets your circulation going. As your body temperature cools, it seems to get the body ready for sleep.

Which type of exercise helps Sleep?

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Cardiovascular exercise is almost universally accepted as the best activity for encouraging better sleep.

Exercise that is vigorous, and lasts for a minimum of 20 minutes will raise the body temperature, increase heart rate, and improve circulation.

Here are some examples of appropriate cardiovascular exercise:

* Walking vigorously

* Running

* Skipping or Jumping rope

* Aerobics

* Push bike riding.

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We can categorically say that there are benefits of exercise on sleep.

Timing and Type of activity is crucial to ensure that you get the most benefit and ensure that bedtime is peaceful, restful and fruitful.







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