Holidays in the Change of Season!

A picture of New York City in the Fall with buildings in the background
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Storms and Jasmine flowers!

No matter where you are in the world at the moment there is a change of season.

In Brisbane, Australia, we are starting to feel those warm spring changes.

With those changes come a mix of the beach, sweating through your shirt before you even get to work, and of course the sub-tropical storms!

Jasmine flowers are growing on a wooden paling fence in Brisbane in Spring.

It gets warm very quickly after winter here.

One of the first signs that warmer weather is on it’s way is when the Jasmines first flower.

That fresh scent pervades our home and our yard and it always puts a smile on my face.

Our sense of smell is so evocative, it can bring back childhood memories of school holidays spent running around with friends until the sunsets.

Then going home to refuel and sleep like the dead, ready to do it all over again the next day.

That’s what the smell of Jasmines does for me.

I’m sure that all around the world there are certain smells, sounds or sights that bring childhood memories of the change in season.

Grab a beer, a meal, and a dear friend!

Cricket, going to the beach, and catching up with family and friends.

That’s what summer means to myself and millions of my fellow Aussies.

Those friends and family members that you may have neglected a little during the rush and tumble of the day to day, but that are still the dearest people in your lives.


Barbecues, dinner parties, and a drink in a rooftop bar or at one of the many boutique brewing companies that have sprung up throughout my city.

This is a time of great rejuvenation.

Talking to those great mates and hearing what is going on in their lives, rejuvenates the soul. It makes us feel connected and pushes the hard working days to the back of the mind.

A game of cricket at Brisbane"s The Gabba

Fall in the Northern Hemisphere

Whilst everything in the Southern Hemisphere is starting to warm up, those in the Northern Hemisphere know that some very cold weather is on its way.

With the cooler weather though comes the sweet relief of the start of many sports.

Hockey (NHL), Football (NFL), and Basketball (NBA) all kick off their seasons in or around Fall.

Before long skiing, ice skating, snow boarding and many other extreme winter sports will be in full swing. 

So, no matter where in the world you are, or where you might be headed, there’s going to be some great things on offer in the change of season.

Here's some Good News!

Change of season can bring hope, expectation, or sometimes fear. But one thing is for sure, change is inevitable.

Since we can’t avoid it, we might as well embrace it!

My motto tends to be, “close your eyes, clench your fists and just dive right in!”

Sometimes I come up smelling of roses! Sometimes I come up with a blood nose and smelling like cow manure.

I also try to remember a quote I heard from Tony Robbins, but seems to be attributed originally to Bills Gates, “Most people over estimate what they can do in a year, and under estimate what they can do in ten years.”

It rings very true to me.

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And don’t forget to turn the change of season into a positive moment in your life!

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