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TitleAgghhhh- Don’t do it!
Hotel NameCrowne Plaza - Gatineau
Hotel Address2
Rue Montcalm street
Gatineau, Ottawa J8x4B4
Bed TypeInner Spring
Sleep Quality2/5 Catnap

When you leave your booking to the last minute.... Boom!! You are a guaranteed a room!!!
The room is quite large, enough room to have 4 full size suitcases open, and still room to sit and walk around!


The hotel has no restaurant....... in fact, they don’t even have milk for your coffee!! The rooms are not even stocked with a mini bar, so not even a bottle of water!
Don’t get me started on the bed! If you are travelling as a family, be prepared to share two Aus size king singles.
The pillows are terrible. 3/4 of us woke with a headache!

Submitted ByJenny Schuring
Submitted DateDecember 5, 2019
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