How to Find the Most Comfortable Hotel Beds in the World.

How to Find the Most Comfortable Hotel Beds in the World.

A bed inside a hotel with a good mattress.

When Traveling We All Need Comfort

A lot of are traveling more these days either for pleasure or for business.

No matter what the reason for your travel, there’s one thing that remains consistent, you’re need for a great night’s sleep.

Unfortunately there is no genuine consistency with the hotel beds, and price is not a good indicator of the quality of the mattresses.

Plus, not all of us get the best sleep on the same style of mattress.

Many people with bad backs want a mattress that is medium to firm whilst many other people want a bed that is really soft, that they can sink right into a deep slumber in.

Rate Hotel Beds is Here to Help

The whole purpose of is to allow travellers to review hotel beds around the world, and to read the bed reviews of other travellers in order to find the perfect mattress for themselves.

So I devised a very simple system for rating the beds and for finding the right review for you.


Our Unique Hotel Bed Finder Tool:

1. Simply go to the Rate Hotel Beds website at

2. Click on “Hotel Bed Reviews.”

3. Search in “City” for your desired location.

4. Then you can search by “firmness”, “Sleep Rating” or “Bed Type” to ensure you get shown the type of mattresses you are looking for.

5. Pick one out of your results, and Voila! You have the mattress you need in the place you need to be.

See the example below of the results for “Gold Coast” and “Medium Firm.” You get shown 3 hotels, one of them with 2 reviews to check out.

Choose the Hotel that's Best for You.

In the above example you can see that of the 3 hotels, one has a 3/5 rating, one has a 4/5 and one has two ratings of 4/5 and 5/5.

Obviously once you have the firmness and the location, you’re likely to pick the one rated the highest.


Help to Grow Your Community Database of Hotel Bed Reviews!

The more our members review hotel bed reviews, the better the results will be as we develop reviews in cities around the world.

At the moment we have many in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and parts of Europe and parts of Asia.

We’d love to get some from South America, Africa, and many more spots in Asia and Europe as well as a better range in the countries we have.

We’re stronger with you! So register to become a member here.

And click here to leave a hotel bed review.

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