Paradise Found! In Santa Monica, California.

Paradise Found! In Santa Monica, California.

The pool area at Leow's Santa Monica California.

Best Sleep in the USA!

That’s what Rate Hotel Beds member Lenny had to say about his hotel bed at Leow’s Santa Monica beach Hotel. 

Lenny gave the hotel a 5 star rating for the quality of sleep he was able to achieve there.

In fact Lenny was so happy that when he was required to fill out the “Cons” section on our review page, he wrote, “Nothing to Report Here.”

Safe to say that he was pretty appreciative of what Leows was able to offer him and his wife.

You Need a Great Sleep When Traveling.

We all know just how crucial it is that you are able to gaine a good sleep when travelling.

Often we’ll be up bright and early in the morning, before walking a lot more than we would at home due to sight seeing. 

One of the worst things that can happen in the middle of your holiday is that you fall in a heap physically and emotionally because you haven’t been getting adequate sleep between the exciting days.

Business Trips can Wear You Down Also

The same can be said of business trips, usually you’re up early to prepare for your meetings, followed by long lunches, and then an evening of eating and drinking fine local fare.

I know that in my younger years I could back up everyday after a big night, but as the body ages, the will tends to fade, sadly.

That’s what makes it so important to really make sure that the hotel you have booked is well known for providing top quality beds.

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If you’ve stayed in a hotel recently, anywhere in the world, then we’d love to here about your experience.

If it was terrible, you can save members the trouble by letting them know.

If it was a wonderful sleep and experience, then you can guide members to a great sleep when they’re next in the area.

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