What is the Best Way to See Niagara Falls?

What is the Best Way to See Niagara Falls?

The view from the Marriott Hotel at Niagara Falls, Canada

Feature Hotel Bed Review Monday 9th Dec 2019 - Marriott Hotel Niagara Falls.

Every day this week we’re featuring hotels which have received a 5 star sleep rating. 

Clinton (RHB member) has just posted a review of the hotel bed at the Marriott Hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada.

What a beauty it is. 

The most spectacular view that I’ve ever seen from a hotel room, Niagara Falls in all it’s glory can be seen from the Marriott.

5 star bed rating AND a spectacular view!

I can hear you asking, “But how was the bed?” Because that’s what we’re all about here isn’t it?

Well Clinton has given the bed a 5 star rating, so you can combine a wonderful sleep with a spectacular view.

In fact, the only “cons” that he had to say was that it was hard to sleep when all you want to do is look at the natural beauty.

Check out Clinton’s hotel bed review here

And you can book to stay at the Marriott by going through the review if you would like to experience such a wonderful sight by clicking here: https://ratehotelbeds.com/Canada/NiagaraFalls/Marriott/

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