Why Should I Rate My Hotel Bed?

Why Should I Rate My Hotel Bed?

A picture of a hotel bed in Melbourne Australia

So Why SHOULD I Bother To Rate My Hotel Bed?

Because you deserve a better hotel bed when you pay good money for one.

Rating the mattress or bed in the hotel you sleep in may sound a bit specific and possibly even a little random, but I really believe that it is the most crucial part of the hotel experience.

Of course we don’t want a flea and bed bug ridden hovel to stay in, so many other attributes of the hotel are very important as well.

The  reason I started this site is because I was spending several hundred dollars per night to stay in a hotel with beautiful foyers, lovely clean rooms with views of the city, beach or countryside.

Yet the bed was so uncomfortable that I would wake up stiff and sore and tired!

In no real shape to take on the business or sight seeing that I had travelled for.

It Kinda Shocked Me

I was chatting to a colleague one day about the variability in hotel bed quality.

I said to her, “surely there must be a website where travellers rate the hotel beds to help guide me to one that will be likely to provide me with a great sleep, and allow me to rate my hotel bed as well?”

She stated she was sure that there would be, I mean, you can find out just about everything on the internet, right?

Well, I could not find a thing. No websites talking about the quality of the beds/mattresses.

All the rate my hotel type websites which go into almost every detail about the hotel from the cleanliness, to the noisy neighbourhood and the staff that bend over backwards to please you, had almost nothing about the hotel beds.


If Not Me, Then Who?

(Or is it Whom? I always struggle with that one).

So I did the only thing I could think of to remedy that situation, I started my own site, Rate Hotel Beds.

Rate Hotel Beds is for all travellers.

Business people who are travelling and want to make sure they find a hotel which will leave them well rested and ready to smash out their work like a champion.


A woman wakes up on a white mattress looking happy.

Vacationers who want to walk 25,000 steps up Machu Picchu, checking out every Cathedral in Europe, even just chilling out the Maldives, you want to feel rested and energised.

To do this you need a few things: peace and quiet; cleanliness; pleasant surroundings; and a great mattress to sleep on!

I Get It

I hear what you’re thinking, not everyone likes the same type of mattress, so how do you know if you’ll like what someone else does?

I’ve thought of that.

To make sure you are reading a review on the type of mattress YOU like, each reviewer will:

  • Choose the materials from a list of foam, inner spring, or combination,
  • Choose the level of firmness from soft to firm,
  • Also give any extra pros or cons about the hotel and the mattresses they use.

For example, this allows you to choose a hotel on the Gold Coast, Australia which has a medium to firm mattress made of foam with a rating of 5 stars: 
Currently this would yield these results:

The Iconic at Kirra Beach, Gold Coast

or Rhapsody Resort at Main Beach, Gold Coast.

The results of a search for Gold Coast Hotel Beds

Looking for Some Consistency

The other question that gets raised is this one: but won’t they have different mattresses in each room?
Most hotels buy in bulk and will have exactly the same or at least very similar mattresses in each room.
That’s why this system only works well for hotels and not for holiday units or bed and breakfast establishments.

Be A Part of Something Big

My Vision for This Site

A happy diverse community
My biggest dream?

To help build the largest community of travellers in the world, rating hotel beds for each other to help us all get a better sleep on the road.

I love to travel, and I find at this stage of my life, I am travelling more than ever before.

I am regularly travelling for business, but more importantly after raising my children I am finally getting to travel for leisure much more than I used to.

Most Importantly though, I want you to be able to travel to all the places your heart desires, to see the world through fresh eyes, and with enough energy from a great sleep to really enjoy them.

Why I Rate My Hotel Beds.

So far I’ve been to the USA, Vietnam, and New Zealand, just really scratching the surface of what the world has in store.

Big destinations on my list include: Japan; the British Isles, Europe (especially France, Italy, Germany, and Spain) as well as Iceland and Antartica. 

Here’s a snap I took during our trip to Hawaii in late 2018, ahh the serenity.

After I’ve seen as much of the world as I can, I’m going to start having a closer look at my own country.

I’ve never been to Western Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.

One of the world’s largest countries in land mass, Australia is home to an amazingly diverse array of climate, flora and fauna.

The sunset in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

Our animals of course include the marsupials Kangaroo, wombat, koala, possums, and the unique egg laying mammals like the platypus and echidna.

I’d love to explore the caves and unusual rock formations, many of which have Aboriginal art dating back up to 70,000 years.

So you can see I’m pretty excited about travel.

All I need is a great sleep and my enthusiasm to get the absolute most out of every trip I take.

By taking a moment to rate my hotel bed and inspiring others to do the same, I know we can build a database of beds everywhere in the world, so we call all find our best sleep on the road.

We'd Love to Have You Onboard!

How can you get involved? 

By registering with us here to receive the latest blog posts and hotel bed reviews delivered to your inbox.

By reading the posts and hotel bed reviews to find the best sleep for yourself when travelling.

But most of all: by leaving a hotel bed review and rating your hotel bed, you’ll will help all your fellow travellers to find their best sleep on the road.

Peace be with all of you, and I hope to see you sometime in your travels!

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